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    I wrote this poem on the night of a full moon, after a day's sunshine (in February, being lovely and warm) became the gentle patter of the night's rain. It was a beautifully quiet evening, one of the kind that happens so rarely.

Greetings to you Sister, Sister in darkness, 
covering the Moon's night with her lover
I hear your feet in the trees outside, 
I feel your hand brush my cheek, tug at my hair.

Greetings to you Sister, Sister in softness,
while the full Moon dances with the Sun
Were you waiting for his word today,
hiding your clouds as he shone warm to tease Winter?

Greetings to you Sister, Sister in laughter,
as my sister Moon sings life in my soul
Did the two of you join forces with Sunlight
to make me smile for the first time this year?

Greetings to you Sister, Sister in spirit,
covering the Moon's light with your clouds
I hear your raindrops rustle through the trees outside,
I feel them trickle down my braids, and caress my cheeks
	with Springtime's coming.

© Anne Cross, 1998

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Created: February 11, 1998
Last updated: December 17, 1998