Parthenon Frieze Panel:
Original data was taken from 2 perspectives (left and right). Then it was cleaned up and assembled by Brian Emerson.
About 150,000 vertices (quarter resolution).

Programs used:

CreateGreycodes - creates 'greycode' patterns to project
CaptureGeometry - projects patterns from a projector onto the object to be scanned, and captures pictures from the camera
CompileGreycodes - analyzes captured patterns to figure out corresponding projector pixel for each camera pixel
GeoConstructor - uses correspondances to calibrate camera and projector positions, and reconstructs the 3d points from stereo correspondance.
MeshToy - calculates connectivity between points and creates the triangle mesh
Maya - clean up, de-warping (if calibration was bad), merging, rendering

MeshToy was written by Jonathan Cohen, Maya is a standard commercial modeler. Everything else was written by me.