I wrote an MP3 player interface using the public source code of splay, a unix mp3 player. Some of the inner routines have been converted to ASM to increase the speed but what I really need are faster DCT algorithms. It works with most layer 3 songs but is still really buggy. It also runs better in NT than in 95. Oh and the surround sound option doesn't work. If you'd like to use the source, your welcome to it, but its under public license so if you use it, give me and the folks who wrote splay some credit. Your source should be availible as well.

The player is
here. (110k - July 97 release)
The VisualC 4.2 project + player is
here. (5.95Mb - July 97 release)

Here is a screen shot.

Last updated on July 29th, 1998