The Rogues' Gallery

Now then.
I have mentioned, elsewhere, my people that I care about. Some of them I even have photographs of; and I also have some generic photographs, and that sort of thing.

I imagine bits of this page might take a while to load, just because it's so graphics-intensive, so if you've got a slow connection, go m ake a sandwich or something. *grin*

The Gallery Itself

All right then. I had a picture of me over on my life page, but it was blurry. This isn't really all that mcuh better. However, it is an additional picture, that might give you a better clue.

It was taken in in airport. As you can probably see, I don't like airports much. (This is, incidentally, just before my trip to Spain my junior year of high school. I like the hat, and isn't that jacket pink?)

All right, then, enough of me. Let's go through the remainder of my other photographs, and have a look at them. (There will, of course, always be more of these.)

All right t hen. Here we go.
This here is my best friend, Eric. He's more or less harmless, even if he is so exasperating most of the time that I truly wish to punch him in the snoot (but only in the most friendly of ways, mind you.)

He's a freshman this year at the University of Maryland, College Park Campus, and the picture actually nearly manages to look like him. This is fairly impressive for a senior pic, which is what it is.

Here we have a Fook.

Now, Fooks are wonderful squidgy people, who are just fun to be with. This particular Fook, being the one and only, is a member of the Merrie E-Flat Singers (also known as an alto; all alto parts consist of E-F lat, except for the ones composed entirely of A Natural.) She is one half of the creator of the Lunquillian Fook language, which I can occasionally understand and rarely speak. She is a good person to cuddle with then the party degenerates into large qu antities of people lying on the floor and listening to Erasure.

This photo isn't entirely normal; is was taken at Rocky Horror. Normally, she's not so pale.

But... it IS a HAT.

I've really run out of pictures, so t his will be a limited gallery for the moment.

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